Monday, February 18, 2013

Gazeta Tema: Pamje komike të grave shtatzëna (FOTO)

Gazeta Tema
Gazete e perditshme shqiptare
Pamje komike të grave shtatzëna (FOTO)
Feb 18th 2013, 17:48

Shtatzënia është një kohë e veçantë për një femër, pasi përveçse pëson ndryshime në trupin e saj, jeton me gëzimin e sjelljes në jetë të një krijesë të re. Dhe, për ta kujtuar këtë moment, pothuajse të gjitha bëjnë foto. Shumë prej tyre janë shumë komike dhe që shkaktojnë të qeshura. Më poshtë janë disa prej tyre.


Halloween: This woman decided to dress up her bump as a pumpkin for Halloween

Weird: This soon-to-be dad is spending some quality time with his unborn child

Painting: A little paint does wonders to brighten up a bare belly

Melon: Posing with a watermelon and a gun, why not?

Love: An X-ray view shows this bub kissing his daddy

Mouse: This baby is destined for a career in IT

Nice dress: A baby bump is really just an accessory

Masked: This family wear peculiar face coverings in their pregnancy shots

Cringe: This family thought the awkwardly pensive dad was more important that the mother's face

Art: In case you couldn't imagine what a fetus looks like, this couple have had one drawn on the mother's belly

Meow: This expecting couple are feline fine about becoming parents

Mermaid: Some mothers-to-be chose to dress up in their photos

Sympathy: This new dad shows he can almost outdo his wife's growing tum

Relaxed: This mother-to-be reclines in a tree of all places

Odd: This bunny boiler dressed up as a play boy bunny to show she's still got it despite being with-child

Sisterly love: This weird photo shows a child kissing her unborn sibling

Traditional: These expecting parents show they are keen to stick to traditional gender roles

Nude: Some like to truly get at one with nature

Slam dunk: Obviously a basketball fanatic, this dad tries to slam dunk his unborn child

Stay back: This gun-loving couple show off their prized possession, and their unborn baby

Gross: Dad and daughter take a peculiar view of one grimacing mother

Why not: This mom attempts to look ethereal on horseback

Drink up: This naughty couple look to be drinking vodka

Car fan: 'Let's pose with a tire', this couple decided

Take that: Karate fans include their passion in their pregnancy shoot

What the?: This woman has a grown man sucking his thumb painted on her stomach bizarrely

Hockey: It's all about the ice hockey for this pregnant mom and her boys

Competing: You might have a big belly but check out my guns, says this dad

Of course I'm in a tree: Weird pregnancy shoot reveals baby bump while modesty is covered by moss

Aunty: Captions on bellies are great fun and of course aunty can join in, yay!

Confused: This little boy is either really pumped about his new sibling or really embarrassed about what his friends will say when they see this photo

Matching: This couple have identical guts, but he's just fat

Dog-lovers: This expecting couple want their pet to share in the experience

From all angles: Bellies galore in this altered pregnancy snap

Gather round: These kids kiss their mother's tum

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